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Core Courses

Course # Course title Professor Quarter Sample Coursework
LIS 500 The Life Cycle of Information Fall 2003
LIS 510 Information Behavior Fall 2003 Model Construction
LIS 550 Information in Social Context Fall 2003
LIS 520 Information Resources, Services & Collections Winter 2004 Resource Evaluation
LIS 570 Research Methods Winter 2004 Research Study (with Shawn Schollmeyer)
LIS 530 Organization of information resources Spring 2004 Thesaurus Evaluation
LIS 540 Information systems, architectures, & retrieval
Spring 2004 Sections of Group Project:
LIS 560 Instructional and Training Strategies
Winter 2005 Presentation of a teaching module
LIS 580 Management of Information Organizations
Winter 2005 Case Study of Leadership


Course # Course title Professor Quarter Sample Coursework
LIS 531 Catalogs, Cataloging, & Classification Allyson Carlyle Fall 2004 Catalog Evaluation
LIS 536 Indexing & Abstracting Joseph Tennis Fall 2004 Back of the Book Index (Stephen Gould's The Structure of Evolutionary Theory)
LIS 600 Independent Study William Jones Winter 2005 Linnaeus, Mendeleev, Dewey, & Ranganathan: What can they tell us today about the organization of information?
LIS 545 Programming for Information Systems Terrence Brooks Spring 2005 see My LIS 545 Site
LIS 590 Directed Field Work Lorraine Bruce Spring 2005 see My LIS 590 Site
LIS 600 Independent Study William Jones Summer 2005 Facets and Hierarchies in Ranganathan's Theory of Classification [Notes from my Summer 2005 Independent Study]

Transfer Credits

Course No./Title Institution Where Credits Earned Qtr CR Accepted Equiv UW Course Sample Coursework
Soc 500b - Sociological Theory University of Arizona 4 Soc 581A - Special Topics in Theory and the History of Sociological Thought Short Papers
Soc/Comm 576 - Field & Observational Methods University of Arizona 4 Soc 519 - Fieldwork: Observation and Interviewing
Com 513 - Fieldwork Research Methods
Paper & Book Review
Comm 610 - Communication Theory 1: Communication and Managing Interpersonal Relationships University of Arizona 4 Com 576 - Interpersonal Communication Paper

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